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Caden Jester is an 18 year old music producer from San Diego, CA. By the age of 14, he already released his first EP in iTunes (which has since been deleted). It was filled with dubstep, electro, and other bass-heavy genres. This was his first proper release as a musician, apart from his multiple free downloads which had been previously released. By the age of 15, he had put out another EP, called “Rock the Ship EP”. The track that spearheaded the EP, “Life of a Pirate”, went on to be created into a dubstep VIP, which ended up garnering over 230,000 plays on Soundcloud. He went on to produce a track called “Sugar” featuring singer Christopher Blake and rapper Rob Grimes, which collectively racked up over 350,000 plays across Spotify and Soundcloud, while his track “Secret Lover” with Soco and Christopher Blake has accumulated over 500,000 combined plays.

Fade was co written by Paul with Butterjack and then taken by Caden and re recorded in his own style.

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