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Jan 2020

B-Movie support punk icon Toyah at her Islington 02 show.

Review Link


Jan 2020

Continued work in Los Angeles with Magnus Fiennes on the Deep Machines Music/Art project

DM fx.jpg

Nov/Dec 2019

B-Movie play a short UK tour Leeds 29 Nov/Glasgow 30 Nov/Manchester 01 Dec


October 2019

Paul has co written a new track with club legend/DJ/Drummer& Remixer Rusty Egan.

'When We Were Young' features on Rusty's new album 'Welcome To The Remix 2

DJ Rusty Egan was the DJ at Blitz Club London created with partner Steve Strange. Rusty introduced synth pop electronic music to the dancefloor. For a nearly a decade their parties and music with Visage and various artists were part of the soundtrack of the 80's Introducing Madonna to Europe as well as YMO Yello Kraftwerk Depeche Mode and Soft Cell.


October 2019

Very good in depth interview in this months MusicTech magazine, see below.

Available on line or in store at good newsagents !

Link Here

September 2019

B-Movie play

    Thursday 19 September 2019

Randal Music Club, Bratislava,

Slovakia supported by The Last Days Of Jesus

June 2019

Continued work in L.A with producer Magnus Fiennes on a joint new project Deep Machines. Fusing the classic old school electronica of Kraftwerk/Cabaret Voltaire with newer sounds of LCD Soundsystem/Daft Punk and a 1979 new wave/post punk attitude with film/video and Imagery to create concept based dark wave multi media pop project I

Live band sessions featured Blondies Clem Burke on drums and more guest surprises are promised.

May 2019

Shelly Poole's debut solo album co written and co produced by Paul is re-mastered and re released on Loki Records featuring 5 additional songs. Shelly was the singer/co writer (along with sister Karen in 90's hit alt pop duo Alisha's Attic and also has her own alt country/folk band Red Sky July with  husband Ally Mcerlaine (Guitarist in multi platinum band Texas), and is a featured guest vocalist on Pauls own project The Dark Flowers

The Times said, “Her solo debut is a revelation.. A gentle gem of an album.****.”
And the Independent On Sunday said, “…perfect solo album..****.”


May 2019

B-Movie play Italy Rome & Naples (17/18 May.)

March 2019

Catch the Paul Statham interview with Rob Green on Portabello Radio!

March 2019

Last 2 song's to be recorded for The Dark Flowers follow up album 'Indian Summer' to the critically acclaimed debut album 'Radioland'.

Featuring the very talented and lovely Gabriella Cilmi. The new album again features Jim Kerr, Catherine AD aka The Anchoress, Shelly Poole & new addition Bauhaus bassist and solo artist David J.

The Dark Flowers


March 2019

informative interview with Electronic Music mag The Electricity Cub

Link Here

March 8/9th

B-Movie play 2 rather excellent Spanish shows in Tarragona & Madrid !


Feb 2019

Passed the fellowship exam and is now an Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Authority 


Feb 2019

Paul has remixed 2 tracks under the After The Rain name for the new B-Movie remix 2 E.P. Available from all digital/streaming platforms and as a vinyl style C.D from the Loki Records Bandcamp site.

Bandcamp Link


Jan 2019

Paul has a new project After The Rain which will fuse electronica/beats/samples/voices. The songs are journeys into sound/performance that are more structured & beat driven than the experimental instrumental soundscapes released under his own name, often featuring sampled vocals from old field recordings and Pauls occasional voice and released via Loki Records on download only from bandcamp

Nov 2018

Legendary DJ and remixer Rusty Egan has remixed B-Movie's track Repetition.It is available to stream/purchase from all digital/streaming platforms and from the  Loki Records bandcamp page.

Bandcamp link


OCT 2018

Paul has produced and co written a new EP ‘The Last Time’ with rising Electro/RnB singer Billie Black. The EP also features ‘After All’ and 'Long Way To Go’.

Available on all digital/streaming platforms


NOV 2018

Iconic Post Punk band B-Movie (Paul has been the guitarist for over 30 years) release a new EP ‘Repetition’. This includes the title track and 2 new songs 'Stalingrad' & 'Somewhere Cold'. All tracks were co written and produced by Paul and are released on his experimental music label Loki Records. Available on all digital/streaming platforms. More info on the Loki records link.


MAY 2018

 'Happiness' was a group exhibition held at the Castello di Monticello d'Alba, Italy in May/June 2018 and curated by Carla Testore. Featuring Jonathan McCree, Jo Dennis and Paul Statham. Paul made 2 separate music/video pieces. The 1st, 'Absence' explored the feelings created by deserted children's play parks and their relation to the happiness/unhappiness as experienced by the artist as a child. Held in the small hand built children's theatre hidden away behind the chapel in the castle, and with an accompanying sound collage, all the elements combined to make a memorable, if unsettling experience.

JAN 2018

Asylum Experimental Music Album

Paul has released his experimental music album 'Asylum' though his new label Loki Records. Available to download/stream and available on CD. When purchasing the CD through Bandcamp a free download is also included. Below are videos to accompany two tracks. Influenced by the ideology of near stasis used by Eno amongst others in his video paintings. Images shift with a very slow pace in keeping with the experimental and almost fixed tonality of the music. The effect is a creation of space without time.

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