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HIGH FOLLY, 2020/21.

Jonathan McCree, Jonathan Goddard and Joe Walkling with music by Paul Statham.

'Memory is a fickle friend, and we've been afforded few opportunities to form new ones as of late. But revery comes in the most unexpected forms. While we sit confined in our own proverbial white cubes for the foreseeable future - bored, waiting, idling - McCree's joyful follies open our world to new possibilities, endless in scope, and a vital reminder of the value of daydream.'

Jessica Klingelfuss, January 2021

High Folly is an installation piece from acclaimed artist Jonathon McCree and exhibited by The Sim-Smith Gallery (04/02/21 - 20/03/21)

Paul composed a piece of music 'Suspension' to accompany the above video featured in McCree's installation at the Sim-Smith Gallery London in February



— Jessica Klingelfuss, January 2021

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