• Paul Statham

Why ?

As this lockdown and brave new world of endless zoom rolls on I've come to realise the value of simply talking to people without planning a meeting ! So when my website offered me a simple blog today I thought I would dive in. As it's my music/art website blog it won't thankfully be holiday pictures (of which there are thousands, and normal Facebook/Instagram service will continue !). It will hopefully condition me to stop using the annoying ! mark after every sentence. It will probs just be simple music related stuff, what I've been writing/recording/planning and a few good list of books/songs/films that I'm liking and it will give me a little discipline to write it up and share. Remember , you don't have to read it, so please no narky comments and its not a forum so if I like/list 'Real Life' by Magazine then I'm not interested if you don't. See, it's already taking a Fascist tone and I'm realising on day one that blogs can paint a distorted picture, but am liking my platform way to much to stop now !

Today I am mostly conducting auditions via the lovely Zoom for BIMM songwriting and right now there is no greater pleasure than hopefully making some young person you've never met, very happy by offering them a place from September.

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