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Radio Time  April 2017


Touch this icicle
Growing on
the bedroom
Listen to the sound
of last night's

From: A few pieces
by Neil Rollinson.

Held in the wonderful grounds of the La Mandria Royal Park, near Turin, this exhibition featured some of the most established sculptors in Europe today. From Antony Gormley to Anish Kapoor, John Aiken to Pascal Bernier; the 28 artists are leading lights in modern sculpture. Myself in collaboration with poet Neil Rollinson created a sound installation, The soundscape was a series of recordings made across the full bandwidth of radio transmissions, including satellite information, strange worldwide broadcasts, short wave bursts and interspersed with choice text from Rollinson, set out to illustrate the sheer amount of information continually bombarding us; our space filled with radio waves. The Unseen containing The Unknown. 15 years later after a great trip to Tel Aviv I came back inspired and in a day took the text, rewrote the music and sound collage and also created the video. This works to me as a separate stand alone piece that still retains seeds of the original inspiration.

( I do not consider myself in the list of leading lights !).

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