Hell Bent - David Mach Retrospective

Gallery Of Modern Art March 2002 Glasgow

A major exhibition of work by one of Scotland’s best-known contemporary artists.

The retrospective of David Mach’s work, at the Gallery of Modern Art, was  the first time a major body of his work was displayed north of the border for a number of years.

Called Hell Bent, it showed the full range of his art with pieces on display including a nine-foot-tall coat hanger spaceman, a group of garden gnomes and a 20-foot figure of a woman diving into water, which is suspended from 

the entrance foyer of the gallery.

Paul composed 9 pieces of sound/music inspired by this to accompany the above figure played from speakers suspended in the roof.

This was then compiled as an album 'Installalation Music 1' and is a available as a free download from Loki Records Bandcamp page.

Link to Bandcamp